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Turn on Teacher Tools

Thank you for your interest in turning on and using the beta version of our Teacher Tools, which has the basic functions needed to manage student accounts and classes, create and assign vocabulary lessons, and review vocabulary reports. If you’d also like to…


How to set up SAML integration

When you create a school URL, SAML settings are set to active. You can start the SAML setup process by clicking “setup”, as shown in the screenshot below. 1. Download Wordsmyth SAML metadata In the setup section, click the metadata link to get…


How to edit group subscription information

1. Go to the Subscription tab in your Settings (top right on the page). Be sure to choose“Group” subscription, and then click the “Edit” link behind the creation date of your school URL. It will take you to the Educational Group Subscription information…


Teacher Tools User Guide

How the Teacher Tools work Our Teacher Tools provide 4 basic functions described in the overview immediately below. More complete explanations of these functions follow this overview. Clicking the title of each function will bring you to the respective detailed description. Create a…


A Detailed Look at Navigating in WILD

The following is a guide designed to make clear the real nitty-gritty of navigation within WILD. It discusses all four components of WILD—the Book, Collections, World, and Picture Dictionary—but it focuses most particularly on navigation within the Collections and within the WILD World.…