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bull mastiff a strong short-haired dog produced by crossbreeding a bulldog and a mastiff.
bull nose a contagious disease in pigs caused by a bacterial infection and marked by a kind of swelling in the snout and mouth that destroys tissue.
bull pen an enclosure for keeping bulls. [3 definitions]
bull terrier any of a breed of dog developed as a cross between the bulldog and the terrier, having a short, light-colored coat.
bull-necked having a neck that is short and thick.
cock-and-bull story an improbable, absurd, or unlikely story.
John Bull a typical Englishman or a personification of the English government or people, after the main character in the eighteenth-century allegory History of John Bull by John Arbuthnot.
pit bull any of the American breeds of muscular terriers that have short hair, a broad skull, and powerful jaws, originally bred for dogfighting.
take the bull by the horns to confront a formidable problem in a direct manner in spite of fear.