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bed jacket a woman's loose garment designed to be worn over a nightgown while sitting up in bed.
bush jacket a hip-length coat made of cotton, usu. having several buttoned pockets and a belt.
dinner jacket a man's semiformal jacket for evening wear; tuxedo. [2 definitions]
dust jacket a paper cover to protect a book's binding. [2 definitions]
Eton jacket a waist-length jacket with wide lapels, worn open in front.
life jacket a life preserver in the form of a sleeveless vest or jacket; life vest.
mess jacket a man's close-fitting, waist-length jacket, worn as part of a uniform.
Norfolk jacket a loosely belted, single-breasted man's jacket with pockets on either side of the lower front and two box pleats in front and back from the yoke to the hem.
pea jacket a short double-breasted coat made of thick navy blue wool, originally worn by sailors.
smoking jacket a man's lounging jacket, often made of fine fabric, and worn at home.
water jacket a casing containing water, used for cooling, esp. an internal-combustion engine.
yellow jacket any of several small social wasps or hornets that have black bodies with bright yellow markings.