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kangaroo rat any of various long-tailed and long-legged jumping rodents of desert regions in Mexico and the western United States, or a similar one of Australia.
pack rat a large, bushy-tailed, North American rodent known to gather and hide small objects in its nest. [2 definitions]
rat kangaroo any of various small ratlike kangaroos that are about the size of a rabbit.
rat mite a widespread mite carried by rats that can transmit typhus to humans or cause inflammation of the skin by its bite.
rat race (informal) an exhausting, competitive struggle or routine.
rat snake any of several nonpoisonous snakes of North America and Eurasia that eat rodents and other small mammals.
rat-a-tat a series of short, sharp sounds, as from knocking or machine-gun fire.
rat-tail any of several deep-sea fishes with a large head and a long, tapering tail; grenadier.
smell a rat to suspect that something is wrong.
water rat any of various semiaquatic rodents of Australia, Florida, and southern Georgia, that resemble the muskrat. [2 definitions]
wharf rat any of various large brown rats commonly found around wharves. [2 definitions]