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AIDS-related complex a condition characterized by enlargement of the lymph nodes that may be an early sign of AIDS.
complex fraction a fraction in which either the numerator or denominator is itself a fraction.
complex sentence a sentence made of a main or independent clause and one or more dependent or subordinate clauses. An example of a complex sentence is, "I went to the theater, which was very crowded with people."
inferiority complex a neurotic condition caused by intense feelings of inferiority or inadequacy and characterized by either extreme reserve or aggressive behavior. [2 definitions]
military-industrial complex the U.S. military structure and the industries of the private sector that manufacture military supplies.
superiority complex an outward feeling of superiority or exaggerated self-importance, often in compensation for inner feelings of inferiority.
vitamin B complex a group of vitamins essential in human nutrition, found mainly in eggs, liver, yeast, and certain vegetables.