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demand-pull of or denoting a type of increase in prices that is caused by increased demand for a limited supply of goods or services. (Cf. cost-push.)
pull one's punches to choose to attack with less force or effect than is possible.
pull one's weight to do one's share of work.
pull oneself up by one's own bootstraps to succeed by one's own efforts.
pull out to stop participation in a situation or obligation.
pull over to drive to the side of the road and stop.
pull strings to use one's influence to achieve something desired.
pull the wool over someone's eyes (informal) to trick or fool someone.
pull through to continue to live in spite of a particular danger or difficulty.
pull up stakes to move to another location and give up one's home, job, and the like.
pull-up an exercise to strengthen the arms in which one hangs by the hands from an overhead bar and gradually pulls the body up until the chin is even with the bar. [2 definitions]