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Word part Type Origin Definition
-ule noun-forming suffix Latin small
-ulent adjective-forming suffix Latin characterized by, full of
-ulous adjective-forming suffix Latin tending to, characterized by
ultra- prefix Latin beyond, excessive
un-1 prefix Old English not
un-2 prefix Old English reverse (an action)
under- prefix Old English below, not enough
uni root Latin one
urb root Latin city
-ure noun-forming suffix Latin act or process of
vac root Latin empty
vad, vas root Latin to go
vag root Latin wander
val, valu, valid root Latin strength; worth
var root Latin different
veni, vent, ven, -vene root Latin to come
ver root Latin truth
verb root Latin word
verd root Latin green
vers, vert root Latin to turn; to be occupied with
vest root Latin clothe; clothing