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Emmanuel variant of Immanuel.
emollient making soft; soothing, esp. to the skin. [2 definitions]
emolument profit or compensation from one's position or employment, such as salary or fees.
emote to express or simulate emotion, esp. in an exaggerated or theatrical manner.
emoticon a small icon made of typed keyboard characters used in electronic communication to convey the mood of the writer.
emotion a strong feeling or subjective response such as joy, hatred, or love, sometimes accompanied by involuntary physical changes such as increased pulse or by activity such as crying, laughing, or trembling. [3 definitions]
emotional of or relating to emotion. [4 definitions]
emotionalism the quality or character of being excessively emotional. [2 definitions]
emotionality a highly emotional quality or condition.
emotionalize to give an emotional quality to; imbue with emotion.
emotionally with regards to the feelings.
emotionless combined form of emotion.
emotive of or relating to emotion. [2 definitions]
EMP abbreviation of "electromagnetic pulse."
empanel variant of impanel.
empathy identification with or sharing of another's feelings, situation, or attitudes. [2 definitions]
emperor the supreme male ruler of an empire.
emperor penguin the largest of all penguins, reaching a height of four feet, and native to Antarctica.
emphases the plural of emphasis.
emphasis special importance that one attaches to something or wishes to communicate to others. [4 definitions]
emphasize to give greater strength or importance to; stress. [2 definitions]