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Wordsmyth now has three dictionary environments for three different audiences. Visit them from here by using the Go buttons below or, from any page, by using the new Dictionaries tab menu in the upper left corner of the page.
WILD is a new and unique visual environment for promoting literacy, developed especially for grades K-3. Exciting features include:
  • Definitions written with a controlled vocabulary of 1500 words
  • Fun-to-read example sentences for every word and for each meaning of a word
  • Integrated visual environments that include World, Book, and Collections
  • Activities for promoting literacy and providing an enriched learning experience
This is a beta (test) version of WILD. Please report any problems on our feedback page. Praise is also welcome. Your feedback will help us make WILD the best online dictionary for young children!
Word Explorer Children's Dictionary has many features specially developed for upper elementary- and middle school-aged children:
  • Word Explorer related-words feature for concept mapping, writing, and brainstorming
  • Easy-to-read definitions and thousands of examples written specifically for young learners
  • Word Histories, Language Notes, and other fun facts to highlight the richness of our language
  • Thousands of images and animations to stimulate learning
Comprehensive Dictionary-Thesaurus Suite at three reading levels: Beginner's, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • clear, easy-to-read entries and definitions
  • meaning and usage amply illustrated in full-sentence examples, with special coverage of important vocabulary
  • synonyms, similar words, and antonyms displayed under each definition
  • audio pronunciations
  • thousands of images