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aspersion the act of sprinkling water, as holy water in baptism. [1/2 definitions]
Baptist a member of a Christian sect that believes in baptism of adults by immersion, following a profession of faith. [2 definitions]
baptistery a part of a church or a separate building used for administering baptism. [1/2 definitions]
baptize to perform baptism. [1/4 definitions]
catechist one who teaches by means of a catechism, esp. one who instructs another in the principles of Christianity prior to confirmation or baptism.
catechumen a person being taught the basic principles of Christianity, such as a convert prior to baptism. [1/2 definitions]
chrism a consecrated oil mixed with balsam and used by some churches in certain rites, such as baptism. [1/2 definitions]
christening the sacrament of baptism, usu. involving the formal naming of a child. [1/2 definitions]
given name a person's first name, given at birth or baptism, as distinguished from one's family name. (Cf. surname.)
godchild a child whom a godparent promises at baptism to assume partial responsibility for, esp. in overseeing his or her religious education.
godparent an adult who promises at baptism to assume partial responsibility for a child, esp. to oversee his or her religious education.
immersion baptism by submerging a person's entire body in water. [1/2 definitions]
name day the day of one's baptism. [1/2 definitions]
rebaptism combined form of baptism.
sacrament in theology, a visible sign or symbol of God's grace conferred on humans, such as baptism. [1/4 definitions]
sponsor a person who presents someone for baptism or confirmation; godparent. [1/5 definitions]