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-able capable or worthy of being the object of (such) an action. [2/3 definitions]
absorbent capable of absorbing. [1/2 definitions]
actable capable of being acted, as a role or a play.
active capable of constant or quick movement. [1/6 definitions]
adaptive capable of or suitable for adapting.
admissible capable or deserving of being admitted or conceded; allowable, esp. in a legal sense.
allergen any substance capable of causing an allergic reaction.
allowable capable of being allowed; permissible.
alterable capable of being changed or altered.
amenable capable of or open to a test or judgment. [1/3 definitions]
amphibian a vehicle that is capable of operating on both land and water. [2/4 definitions]
amylopsin an enzyme produced by the pancreas, capable of converting starch into sugar.
anaerobe any of various microorganisms, such as certain bacteria, that are capable of living without air or oxygen.
anaphrodisiac causing or capable of causing a decrease in sexual desire. [2 definitions]
antiabortion opposed to the termination of human pregnancy by removal of the fetus before it is capable of surviving.
applicable relevant or appropriate to a given situation; capable of being applied.
appreciable capable of being perceived, measured, or estimated.
appreciative feeling or capable of feeling gratitude or appreciation.
arable of land, capable of yielding crops when cultivated. [1/2 definitions]
arresting capable of attracting and holding attention. [1/2 definitions]
awe-inspiring capable of producing great respect, admiration, or humility in others.