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algid cold; chill.
amphibian any cold-blooded vertebrate, such as a frog or salamander, that has aquatic gill-breathing larvae and terrestrial lung-breathing adults. [2/4 definitions]
anticold combined form of cold.
benumb to render numb or without physical sensation, esp. by cold. [1/2 definitions]
bitter piercingly cold or harshly discomforting. [1/5 definitions]
black frost severe cold that blackens living plants without the appearance of frost crystals.
bleak1 cold, windswept, or barren. [1/2 definitions]
blizzard a violent, intensely cold windstorm, producing heavy snowfall and ice. [1/2 definitions]
blue having a bluish color of the skin as a result of severe cold or slight injury. [1/8 definitions]
borscht a hot or cold beet soup, often served with sour cream.
brittle having or showing little warmth or compassion; cold. [1/4 definitions]
cautery something, such as a caustic agent or a very hot or very cold instrument, used to burn or sear and thus to destroy unwanted tissue. [1/2 definitions]
chap1 of skin, to become cracked and sore from exposure or cold. [1/3 definitions]
chilblain (usu. pl.) an irritation or inflammation of the skin, usu. of the hands, feet, or face, caused by exposure to dampness and cold.
chill a sudden, cold sensation caused by fear or dread. [2/14 definitions]
chilly experiencing the sensation of coolness or cold. [1/4 definitions]
cisco any of various whitefish or the like that are native to the Great Lakes and other cold lakes in North America.
clement not very hot, cold, or stormy; mild; temperate. [1/2 definitions]
cobbler a cold drink made with wine or other alcohol, shaved ice, citrus, and sugar. [1/3 definitions]
cocktail1 an alcoholic beverage mixed from one or more liquors and juice, soda, or the like, often served cold. [2/4 definitions]
cold-blooded unusually uncomfortable in cold weather. [1/3 definitions]