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adjudicate to act as a judge; make a decision judicially. [1/2 definitions]
advice remarks or an opinion offered as help in making a decision or in choosing a course of action; counsel.
appellate jurisdiction the power of a court to review rulings made by a lower court and potentially change the outcomes of a lower court's decision.
arbitrate to submit an issue or dispute for settlement or decision by arbitration. [1/4 definitions]
arbitration the consideration and decision of an issue or dispute by an arbiter. [1/2 definitions]
artificial intelligence the research in and development of computer programs or computers to initiate human thought processes such as reasoning or decision-making.
award to give on the basis of a legal decision, as a damage payment or the like. [1/4 definitions]
ballot to elicit a decision from (voters) by ballot. [1/6 definitions]
beatification in the Roman Catholic Church, the process of determining whether a deceased person should be declared to be in heaven and therefore deserving of special honor, or the final decision and declaration that this is so. [1/2 definitions]
choose to make a decision or selection. [1/4 definitions]
close narrow, as of a decision. [1/24 definitions]
conclusion a final decision. [1/5 definitions]
conclusive serving to reach a final answer or decision, or to settle.
consideration a factor that must be taken into account in making a decision. [1/3 definitions]
crossroad (often pl., but used with a sing. verb) a crucial point of decision. [1/2 definitions]
decree an official and authoritative order or decision, esp. by a ruler or government. [1/3 definitions]
deficiency judgment a judicial decision in favor of a creditor for that part of a debt not satisfied by the debtor, esp. following the foreclosure and sale of a mortgage property.
determination the decision reached in a judicial case, or the process of reaching such a decision. [1/5 definitions]
determine to firmly decide on a course of action, or to cause one to make a firm decision; resolve. [2/6 definitions]
discretionary left to one's own judgment or decision. [1/2 definitions]
doom a judgment or decision made by a court, esp. one accompanied by a severe penalty or punishment. [2/5 definitions]