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bumper to drain a full drinking glass or cup as a toast to. [1/7 definitions]
catheter a thin, flexible, hollow tube inserted into a body passage or cavity to drain fluid, esp. urine from the bladder.
colander a perforated, bowl-shaped container, often with legs, used to drain food.
dike to drain (a wet area) by using dikes. [1/6 definitions]
exhaust to drain or draw a vacuum in; empty of contents. [1/11 definitions]
exhaustive tending to drain strength or resources; fatiguing. [1/2 definitions]
gutter of a candle, to drain off the melted wax from the hollow formed around the burning wick through a channel formed at the edge of the hollow. [1/10 definitions]
milk to drain of energy, information, or money, usu. in an exploitative way. [1/7 definitions]
outfall the outlet or place of discharge of a drain, sewer, or the like.
petcock a small valve or faucet used to drain from or lower the pressure in a pipe, boiler, steam engine, or the like.
rack5 to drain off (wine, cider, or the like) from the dregs.
river basin the area of land from which a river and its tributaries drain water.
sap1 to drain of sap. [1/4 definitions]
sluice to fill with or drain of water using a sluice. [1/7 definitions]
suck to drain the liquid contents of in this way. [1/13 definitions]
sump a well or pit into which fluids drain for collection and usu. removal, as by means of a pump. [1/2 definitions]
tire1 to drain the interest or tax the patience of; bore. [1/4 definitions]
trap1 any of various receptacles for removing unwanted substances from a flow, as of water, or for preventing the escape of gases, as in a drain pipe. [1/12 definitions]