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adventurism impetuous, irresponsible acts or policies, esp. by a government or someone in power, in defiant violation of commonly accepted norms of behavior.
brash hasty and reckless; rash; impetuous. [1/2 definitions]
hotspur (cap.) in Henry IV by William Shakespeare, a fierce, impetuous warrior. [1/2 definitions]
impetuosity the state or condition of being impetuous. [2 definitions]
precipitate rash or hasty; impetuous. [1/11 definitions]
rash1 tending to behave in a hasty or ill-considered manner; impetuous. [1/2 definitions]
trigger-happy inclined to be impetuous and irresponsible no matter how grave the situation, esp. in advocating an action that could result in war. [1/2 definitions]