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adjudicate to settle by a judge or judges or in a judicial procedure. [2 definitions]
alcalde in Spain and the U.S. Southwest, a mayor who also acts as a judge.
arbitrary arrived at by an arbiter or judge. [1/3 definitions]
assay to analyze or examine in order to judge; evaluate. [1/8 definitions]
assessor one who assists a judge, esp. one who has expertise in a particular field. [1/2 definitions]
bench the seat of a judge, or the office of judges collectively. [1/6 definitions]
bench warrant an order issued by a judge or court for the apprehension of someone charged with a crime.
cadi a Muslim judge whose decisions are based on Islamic religious law.
chancellor the judge of chancery court. [1/4 definitions]
charitable unwilling to judge others harshly; lenient; merciful. [1/3 definitions]
charity unwillingness to judge others harshly; benevolence; goodwill. [1/5 definitions]
chief justice the judge presiding over a high court that has other judges. [2 definitions]
circuit the area or region covered in a regular tour to carry out certain duties, as by a judge to hold court sessions. [1/8 definitions]
classic a work of art or literature that is considered of the first rank, or as a standard by which to judge others. [1/8 definitions]
complement in grammar, a word or phrase that is necessary to complete a construction, such as "happy" in the sentence "He seems happy," or "a judge" in the sentence "She became a judge." [1/7 definitions]
consider to judge; deem; regard as. [1/7 definitions]
contempt in law, overt disrespect for or disobedience of a judge, court, or legislature. [1/3 definitions]
criterion a standard or test by which to judge or decide.
criticize to judge with regard to flaws and strengths. [2/4 definitions]
cui bono usefulness as a basis on which to judge the value of something such as an act or policy. [1/2 definitions]
deem to consider, suppose, or judge. [2 definitions]