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adumbrate to give an indistinct or sketchy outline of. [1/2 definitions]
angularity the quality of having an angular outline. [1/2 definitions]
aperçu a brief outline; summary. [1/3 definitions]
bell-shaped curve a graphic representation of a statistically normal frequency distribution, which resembles the outline of a bell; bell curve.
bill1 a list of particulars, such as a menu, theater program, or outline of a plan. [1/7 definitions]
block to put into a rough form; outline (usu. fol. by "out"). [1/19 definitions]
blueprint a detailed plan or outline. [1/3 definitions]
brief a formal outline of information and arguments used in a legal case or other matter. [1/8 definitions]
chart an outline map used to show the distribution of particular conditions such as weather, soil type, or population. [1/6 definitions]
clean-cut having a neat, regular, well-defined shape or outline. [1/2 definitions]
clear-cut having a distinct, well-defined outline. [1/5 definitions]
coastline the outline or shape of a coast.
coloring book a paperbound book, usu. for children, containing pictures printed in outline that are to be colored in with crayon, watercolors, or the like.
contour the outline of a surface, form, or figure; shape. [3/7 definitions]
describe to draw the outline of; delineate. [1/2 definitions]
design a plan or outline showing how something is to be built or carried out. [1/11 definitions]
draft to make a preliminary sketch or version of; outline. [1/16 definitions]
drypoint an engraving technique, used esp. on copper, in which furrows are incised with a hard steel needle so as to leave a burr at the sides for a softer outline. [1/2 definitions]
emphatic clearly delineated; bold in outline. [1/3 definitions]
figure the form or outline of something; shape of something indistinct. [1/16 definitions]
footprint an outline or indentation created by pressing the foot on a surface, such as a step in wet sand or a muddy print left by a shoe.