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altitude in geometry, the perpendicular distance from a vertex to its base or opposite surface. [1/4 definitions]
birefringence the splitting of a light wave into two perpendicular waves that have different speeds, as in some crystals.
Cartesian coordinates a pair of coordinates for locating a point on a plane by its distances from two intersecting, usu. perpendicular lines. [2 definitions]
dragonfly any of a large group of brightly colored insects with four long, veined, translucent wings usu. held perpendicular to a long, narrow body.
equatorial a telescope mounted on two axes, one parallel to and one perpendicular to the earth's axis of rotation. [1/3 definitions]
octant any of the eight parts into which three-dimensional space is divided by three mutually perpendicular planes. [1/4 definitions]
orthorhombic of or denoting a pattern of crystallization embodying three mutually perpendicular axes of different lengths.
perpendicular a perpendicular line or plane. [2/7 definitions]
plumb in a perpendicular or vertical line. [1/10 definitions]
precession the complex motion of a rotating body, such as a spinning top, when subjected to a disturbing force or torque that tends to move the axis of rotation in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the force, causing it generally to describe a cone. [1/3 definitions]
rake1 a tool consisting of a long handle and a row of tines extending perpendicular to it, used for gathering up debris or cultivating the ground. [1/12 definitions]
rake3 the angle at which a cutting or inscribing tool inclines from the perpendicular when applied to a surface. [1/4 definitions]
right angle an angle formed by the meeting of two perpendicular lines and measuring ninety degrees.
square forming a right angle; perpendicular. [1/24 definitions]
up-and-down vertical or perpendicular. [1/3 definitions]
vertical perpendicular to level ground; extending at right angles to the horizon; upright. [1/4 definitions]
vertical circle an imaginary circle on the celestial sphere that passes through the zenith and nadir and is thus perpendicular to the horizon.