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advance to move or send forward. [1/13 definitions]
airmail to send (mail, packages, or the like) by air rather than by land or sea. [1/5 definitions]
banyan a large East Indian fig tree, the branches of which send down added roots which become supports. [1/2 definitions]
beam to transmit or send (an electronic signal). [2/8 definitions]
blow2 to move, force, or send along by means of an air current. [1/14 definitions]
burgeon to start to grow; send forth shoots, leaves, buds, or the like (often fol. by "out" or "forth"). [1/2 definitions]
cable to send a cablegram to. [2/11 definitions]
chain letter a letter with a message or money-making proposal that instructs the recipient to copy the letter and send it to others.
circularize to send circulars to, or to advertise with circulars. [1/3 definitions]
consign to send or present (merchandise) to an agent to be sold or stored. [1/4 definitions]
delegate to appoint or send as an agent or representative. [1/3 definitions]
deliver to send or bring (something) to an intended destination or recipient. [1/9 definitions]
destine to specify for or send toward a particular place, end, or purpose. [1/2 definitions]
detach to send (a group of soldiers or the like) on a specific mission. [1/2 definitions]
direct to send or aim towards a place or person. [1/14 definitions]
dish antenna a radio antenna with a round, concave reflector, used to receive or send satellite and microwave signals.
dismiss to send away or allow to go away. [1/4 definitions]
dispatch to send off to a specific place or for a specific purpose. [1/7 definitions]
drop to send, as a message. [1/17 definitions]
e-mail to send by e-mail. [1/4 definitions]
emanate to come or send forth; issue or emit.