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balloon a bag made of rubber or other light, strong material that may be filled with air or helium and used as a decoration or toy. [1/8 definitions]
block one of a set of small cubes or other three-dimensional shapes, usu. made of wood or plastic, and used as a child's building toy. [1/19 definitions]
building block a wooden or plastic block, usu. part of a set, designed as a children's building toy; block. [1/3 definitions]
cap1 a tiny explosive charge, usu. contained in paper, for use in a toy pistol. [1/9 definitions]
dally to tease or toy with. [1/4 definitions]
doll a small figure, often made of plastic or cloth, of a baby, child, or other person, used esp. as a child's toy. [1/3 definitions]
dollhouse a toy house made to a very small scale.
hobbyhorse a child's toy with an imitation horse's head at the end of a long stick, which the child pretends to ride. [2/3 definitions]
hoop a large ring of wood, plastic, or metal, such as that used as a child's toy or for an animal to jump through. [1/7 definitions]
jack-in-the-box a toy consisting of a box from which a puppet springs up when the lid is opened.
jumping jack a toy figure with jointed limbs that dances or jumps when an attached string or stick is pulled. [1/2 definitions]
kazoo a musical toy consisting of a small tube, one side of which has a hole covered with paper that vibrates when a player sings or hums into the tube, producing a buzzing tone.
kite a toy consisting of a light frame covered with paper, plastic, or cloth to be flown in the air at the end of a long string. [1/5 definitions]
maze a drawing or small model made to resemble a network of confusing pathways, such as may be used as a game or toy. [1/4 definitions]
papillon any of a breed of toy spaniels having a long, silky coat and large erect ears that resemble butterfly wings.
past participle a participle that either indicates a completed action or past state, such as "broken" in "I have broken my arm," or serves as an adjective, as "broken" in "a broken toy".
peashooter a slender tube used as a toy weapon, through which dried peas, beans, or other pellets can be blown.
pinwheel a toy that resembles a windmill secured on a stick by a pin, the wheel of which revolves in the wind or when blown upon. [3 definitions]
play to make a toy of another; use another without due regard for his or her feelings. [1/20 definitions]
plaything something that is played with or regarded or treated as a toy. [2 definitions]
popgun a toy gun from which a pellet or cork is shot by compressed air with a loud pop.