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frump a girl or woman who is dull, plain, or unattractive and dresses drably or unfashionably.
homely lacking beauty; plain; unattractive. [1/3 definitions]
ill-favored unattractive in appearance; ugly. [1/2 definitions]
miserable pitifully poor or unattractive; wretched. [1/5 definitions]
nerd (slang) a person regarded as dull, unattractive, inept, or the like.
rebarbative tending to irritate or repel; forbidding or unattractive.
ugly having an unpleasant appearance; unattractive; unsightly. [1/4 definitions]
ugly duckling a person or thing that at first seems unattractive or unpromising, but later becomes beautiful or admirable.
undesirable not wanted or liked; unattractive, unfavorable, or objectionable. [1/2 definitions]
unsightly unpleasant or disagreeable to look at; unattractive; ugly.