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part of speech: preposition
definition 1: in the company of; accompanying.
They walked with me.
definition 2: marked by; having.
a woman with a hat
definition 3: by using.
She locks the door with a key.He won her over with his charm.
definition 4: showing or feeling.
She drove with confidence.
definition 5: in relation to.
We agreed with each other.
definition 6: in the use or operation of.
She is skillful with cars.
definition 7: in correspondence to.
wrinkles that multiply with ageThe boat sailed with the current.
definition 8: concerning; toward.
They are happy with him.
definition 9: in the view or opinion of.
Shouting is impolite with them.
definition 10: in the care or keeping of.
He left his money with us.
definition 11: in the same group or substance as; among; into.
He mixed sugar with butter for the cake.
definition 12: in opposition to.
Don't argue with me.
definition 13: on; upon.
With the coming of winter we took our vacation.
definition 14: so as to be separated from.
I hate to part with this family heirloom.
definition 15: of the same opinion as.
I'm with you on this issue.
definition 16: due to; because of.
He wept with joy.