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-one a ketone, or a related or similar chemical compound containing oxygen.
aniline an oily, colorless, poisonous liquid used in producing rubber, drugs, and dyes. [2 definitions]
annul to make nonexistent or ineffective; cancel. [2 definitions]
ant lion any of several lace-winged insects whose larvae dig holes in which they trap ants or other insects for food.
antialien combined form of alien.
Antilles the main island chain of the West Indies that includes Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and several smaller islands stretching to the coast of Venezuela.
billion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1,000,000,000. [5 definitions]
en bloc (French) all together; in a group; as a whole.
enable to give means or power to; make able; allow; authorize. [2 definitions]
ennoble to make exalted in character, quality, or moral worth. [2 definitions]
enroll to enlist or sign up (someone) officially. [3 definitions]
ensile to store (green fodder) in or as in a silo.
eyeball the ball-shaped part of the eye, or the whole eye. [2 definitions]
inability lack of capacity or means. (See disability.)
inulin a starchlike polysaccharide used to make fructose and, when water is added to it, glucose.
nibble to take small bites of a food with one's teeth. [8 definitions]
on bail temporarily released from custody after bail is given.
one being single in number. [11 definitions]
one by one one at a time; one after another; singly.
one-liner a short witty or amusing remark.