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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the set of customs, statutes, or rules that govern a society.
charter, code, constitution, corpus juris, jurisprudence
similar words:
common law, criminal law, custom, precept, rule, statute, statute law
definition 2: a rule, principle, or procedure, that demands formal or informal obedience.
act, ordinance, principle, regulation, rule
similar words:
bylaw, canon, command, commandment, decree, dictate, directive, edict, enactment, guideline, injunction, mandate, order, precept, prohibition, rule of thumb, statute
definition 3: an underlying force or principle.
the laws of nature
natural law, principle
similar words:
axiom, force, postulate, rule, truth
definition 4: the codes of conduct laid down in religious scripture.
similar words:
bull, canon, commandment, doctrine, dogma, encyclical, precept, Scripture, Talmud, torah
definition 5: the science, study, or profession dealing with legal codes, their procedures, and their applications.
definition 6: those who enforce the rules in a society, esp. the police and the judicial system (prec. by the).
He's in trouble with the law again.
authorities, cops, police
similar words:
bulls, sheriff
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Word Builder: law +
  • lawful:
    according to the law; allowed by law.
  • unlawful:
    against the law; not allowed by law.
  • lawfully:
    in a lawful way; legal.
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conventionally associated with the law
similar to law
some actions associated with the law
some broader categories that include law
some kinds of laws
some people associated with the laws
some places associated with the lawful
some qualities of the law
some stages in the process of the laws
some violations of the law
state of being without law