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Asiatic Barred Zone a region including most of Asia from which immigration to the United States was banned as part of the Immigration Act of 1917.
Canal Zone a strip on either side of the Panama Canal that will be under U.S. control until 1999.
end zone an area ten yards deep at either end of a football field, into which players attempt to carry the ball to score points.
free zone a port or area of a city in which goods may be stored and reshipped to another country without customs duties.
free-fire zone a military area in which anyone or anything can be shot or bombed.
Frigid Zone either of two polar areas of the earth, north of the Arctic Circle, or south of the Antarctic Circle.
safety zone an area in a roadway from which vehicular traffic is excluded for the protection of pedestrians.
strike zone in baseball, the area above home plate, specifically between the batter's shoulders and knees, through which the pitch must pass to be ruled a strike.
Temperate Zone either of two zones or areas of the earth between the tropics and the polar circles, characterized by seasonal climatic changes; North Temperate Zone; South Temperate Zone.
time zone any of twenty-four longitudinal divisions of the earth that are roughly defined by their distances from the prime meridian, and each of which keeps a standard time one hour earlier than does the zone to its east.
Torrid Zone the area of the earth between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn; Tropical Zone.
Tropical Zone see "Torrid Zone."
twilight zone any vague, uncertain, or ill-defined condition or state, esp. between two well-defined polarities. [3 definitions]