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A and M abbreviation of "Agricultural and Mechanical."
a bit somewhat; rather; to a small extent.
a cappella without instrumental accompaniment, as choral singing.
à deux (French) of or for two, esp. in an intimate or private manner.
a dime a dozen (informal) plentiful and easily obtainable; common; cheap.
a drop in the bucket a small amount compared to what is needed.
a far cry a long way; quite different.
a few a small number of things or people.
a fortiori (Latin) for a strong reason; all the more so.
a hard row to hoe a very difficult task or situation.
A horizon the uppermost layer of soil in a geological soil profile; topsoil.
à la in the manner or style of.
à la carte with separate charges for each item as stated on the menu. (Cf. prix fixe, table d'hôte.)
à la king diced and cooked in a cream sauce with green peppers, pimentos, and mushrooms.
à la mode in fashion or in current fashion; stylish. [2 definitions]
a leg to stand on a valid or convincing basis for a point of view.
a little a small amount of something (used when the amount, though small, is nonetheless significant). [5 definitions]
a long row to hoe a very difficult task or situation.
a lot to a great degree or extent. [2 definitions]
a new lease on life an opportunity to live a happier life because of improved circumstances.