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ad hoc for this particular case, occasion, or purpose only; with respect only to this. [2 definitions]
ad hominem (Latin) to the man; appealing to a personal interest, emotion, or prejudice rather than to rationality. [2 definitions]
ad infinitum to infinity; without limit or end; endlessly.
ad interim in the meantime.
ad lib without preparation; in a spontaneous or improvised manner; ad libitum.
ad libitum at one's pleasure (used as a musical direction to indicate that a section so marked may be varied, improvised upon, or omitted, as the performer wishes, or as a stage direction to indicate that the performer may improvise).
ad nauseam until one is sick of the thing being done, told, or the like.
ad valorem of various taxes or customs duties, levied in proportion to the value of goods.
ad-lib to make up or do without preparation; improvise (something spoken, sung, or played). [3 definitions]
reductio ad absurdum (Latin) the disproof of a proposition by demonstrating the impossibility or absurdity of its logical conclusion.
terminus ad quem (Latin) a destination, limit, final point, or the like.
want ad a classified advertisement.