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be done with to have no further relationship or connection with; end.
be going to used as an auxiliary verb to express a plan or intention to carry out some action, or to express a prediction of what seems likely to occur based on certain evidence.
be on to (informal) to have inside information about. [2 definitions]
be oneself to be in one's usual state of health or mind. [2 definitions]
be out of to no longer have (something that is normally available).
be over to be finished; to have reached a conclusion (sometimes used to indicate great finality or that all efforts to change the conclusion are useless).
be over someone to no longer feel any romantic feelings for (someone).
be sorry to suffer the consequences; come to regret one's earlier action or decision.
be spoiling for (informal) to be eager for.
be there for (someone) to give one's support to (another), esp. during a difficult time for that person emotionally.
be to do with (chiefly British) to be about or have a connection with; have to do with.
be up to to be the rightful choice or responsibility of; to be dependent on (someone or something).
be-all and end-all a thing or person of utmost importance or significance.
cut out for having a suitable character, personality, or natural aptitude for something.
far be it from me I would not dare or venture.
let bygones be bygones to forgive and forget former quarrels.
would-be wanting or pretending to be. [2 definitions]