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a bit somewhat; rather; to a small extent.
bite the bullet to endure the pain or difficulty of voluntarily forced effort, or the unpleasantness of a situation forced upon one.
bite the dust to be unsuccessful or defeated; fail decisively. [2 definitions]
bite the hand that feeds one to respond to kindness or generosity with harm or malice.
brace and bit a drilling tool that consists of a drill bit rotated by a handle or brace.
bug bite (informal) the bite or sting of an insect or the resulting wound or swelling.
champ at the bit to show impatience.
do one's bit to give one's effort to a particular endeavor, often one that is shared with others; do one's share.
quantum bit a fundamental unit of information in quantum computing that is equivalent to the binary bit used in traditional computing; qubit. Whereas the binary bit can only exist in two states (0 or 1), the quantum bit can exist in three states (0, 1, or 0 and 1 simultaneously).
sound bite a very brief statement taken from a video or audio tape for inclusion in a television newscast.
two-bit (informal) costing or worth twenty-five cents. [2 definitions]