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bad blood animosity between two or more people; mutual hostility.
blood bank a place where blood is collected, processed, and stored as whole blood or plasma, for later use in transfusion.
blood blister a blister that contains blood and sometimes also serum. (Cf. water blister.)
blood brother one's brother by birth. [2 definitions]
blood count the number of red cells, white cells, and platelets counted in a specific volume of blood. [2 definitions]
blood feud an ongoing, bitter conflict or fight between families.
blood glucose glucose in the blood or the concentration of glucose in the blood; blood sugar.
blood group any of several types in which human blood can be classed, each with its own inherited immunological and agglutinative characteristics; blood type.
blood money a fee paid to a hired assassin. [3 definitions]
blood poisoning the presence and persistence in the blood of impurities or toxins; septicemia; toxemia.
blood pressure the pressure of the blood against the inner wall of blood vessels, esp. the arteries or the heart, as exerted by the contractions of the heart muscles, often measured as an indicator of physical health.
blood pudding a sausage made from pig's blood and suet.
blood relation a person to whom one is related by birth; blood relative.
blood sugar glucose in the blood or the concentration of glucose in the blood.
blood test any test of the blood, as to determine type, red or white blood count, or the presence of antibodies or bacteria.
blood thinner a drug that inhibits blood clotting.
blood type see "blood group."
blood typing the classification of blood samples according to blood group, esp. to determine compatibility of donors with recipients of transfusions or transplants.
blood vessel any of the arteries, veins, or capillaries through which the blood circulates.
blood work the medical analysis of blood as carried out by medical professionals; blood testing. [2 definitions]