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camp chair a lightweight folding chair, usu. made of canvas, plastic webbing, or the like.
chairlift a system of chairs suspended from a power-driven cable, used to carry people, esp. skiers, up or down mountainsides.
deck chair a lightweight folding chair, often with a full-length leg rest, often used on passenger ships.
easy chair a large thickly upholstered armchair.
electric chair a chair through which high voltages of electricity are passed in order to execute a convicted criminal. [2 definitions]
ladder-back chair a chair having a back formed of horizontal slats between two uprights, resembling a ladder.
Morris chair a large chair with removable cushions and an adjustable back.
rocking chair a chair mounted on rockers or springs that rock back and forth; rocker.
sedan chair an enclosed chair mounted on two horizontal poles and carried by one person in front and one in back.
side chair an armless chair, usu. one of a set of such chairs for a dining table.
straight chair an unupholstered chair with a straight back, often with straight legs and arms.
swivel chair a chair whose seat turns horizontally on its base.
tub chair a low-backed easy chair the arms of which are even with the back or slope up to it.
wheelchair a chair mounted on wheels and propelled manually or electrically, used by those who cannot walk.
Windsor chair a wooden chair having a spindle back, outward-slanting legs, and a saddle seat.
wing chair an upholstered chair having a high back with side extensions or wings.