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car coat an overcoat that reaches to the hip or thigh.
coat hanger a piece of wire or other material shaped for hanging a piece of clothing and suspending it, as from a rod or hook.
coat of arms the insignia, esp. of a family, showing emblems and figures arranged on and around a shield.
coat of mail a protective garment made of interlinked rings or overlapping plates of metal, worn in the Middle Ages.
duffel coat a hooded knee-length overcoat with frog fasteners that is usu. made of a sturdy wool fabric such as duffel or loden.
frock coat a man's close-fitting, usu. double-breasted dress coat with knee-length tails in front and back.
happi coat a smock of Japanese origin, worn belted with a narrow sash.
Joseph's coat a variety of pigweed with red, green, and yellow upper leaves.
sack coat a loose-fitting jacket or coat with a straight back, as of a man's business suit.
swallow-tailed coat a man's full dress coat having a long, rounded, split tail at the back.
trench coat a belted, usu. double-breasted raincoat with large pockets and straps at the shoulders and cuffs.