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corn borer a moth larva that is highly destructive to corn and other plants.
corn bread bread made with cornmeal as the main ingredient.
corn cockle an annual flowering plant that bears pinkish flowers and poisonous seeds and is considered a weed.
corn liquor see "corn whiskey."
corn pone in the southern United States, bread made of corn meal, without eggs or milk, and usu. baked in small oval loaves.
corn silk the long silky part of the pistil of the corn plant, lying between the rows of kernels and extending beyond the tip of the ear.
corn sugar dextrose, esp. that derived from cornstarch.
corn syrup a sweetener derived from cornstarch, containing glucose, maltose, and dextrin.
corn whiskey whiskey made from a mash of at least eighty percent corn; corn liquor.
cornflakes a commercially prepared breakfast cereal made of small toasted flakes of coarse cornmeal, usu. eaten in milk.
field corn any of several varieties of corn grown as livestock feed.
green corn young ears of sweet corn.
Guinea corn any of several types of grain sorghum, esp. durra.
Indian corn corn; maize.
sweet corn any of various types of corn having sweet, edible kernels.