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blind date a date arranged between two people who have been previously unacquainted. [2 definitions]
carbon-date to determine the approximate age of (materials containing carbon, such as fossils) according to the residue of carbon 14 that is present.
date line see "International Date Line."
date palm a tall palm tree with a thick trunk, cultivated in tropical and desert regions for its dates.
date rape the act of rape committed by a person who is on a date or in a date-like social situation with the victim.
double date (informal) in the United States, a social outing shared by two couples.
double-date to participate in a double date.
out of date not modern or fashionable. [2 definitions]
out-of-date old-fashioned or obsolete; outmoded.
up to date fully informed; knowing the most recent information (often fol. by "on," "as to," or "with regard to"). [3 definitions]
up-to-date having the most recent information; current. [2 definitions]
year-to-date from the beginning of the year to this day. Year-to-date, or YTD, is often written on the stub of a check for wages to show how much money a person has earned in a year up to the date of the check.