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bird dog a dog or breed of dogs used to hunt or retrieve game birds.
coach dog a Dalmatian, once trained to run behind coaches.
dog biscuit a hard biscuit for dogs, containing ground meat, bones, meal, and the like.
dog days the hot, humid days of July and August, when the Dog Star, Sirius, rises and sets with the sun.
dog fighting the fighting between dogs that is arranged by humans so that the competition can be watched for entertainment and/or betted upon. The bringing of dogs together to fight is an illegal activity in all U.S. states and many other regions of the world.
dog rose a prickly European wild rose that bears pink flowers.
Dog Star Sirius.
dog tag a usu. metal identification tag to be attached to a dog's collar. [2 definitions]
dog-ear a bent or folded corner of a page in a book. [2 definitions]
dog-eat-dog marked by ruthless competition; merciless.
Eskimo dog any of several medium-sized strong dogs with a thick coat and a wolflike appearance, used in arctic regions for pulling sleds; husky.
guide dog a specially trained dog used by a blind person as an aid and companion; seeing-eye dog.
hot dog a hot, cooked frankfurter or wiener usu. eaten in a soft bun. [3 definitions]
lap dog a small dog kept as a pet.
Newfoundland dog a type of very large dog with a dense, usu. black coat.
police dog a dog, often a German shepherd, that is trained to aid the police.
prairie dog any of several small burrowing rodents that have a barklike cry and live in large colonies in the North American prairies.
pye-dog a half-wild dog of southern and eastern Asia that travels in packs near villages.
raccoon dog a small wild dog of Asia that has long loose fur, a short thick tail, and dark markings around the eyes resembling those of a raccoon.
sea dog an old experienced sailor. [2 definitions]