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fund-raiser one who appeals for donations or contributions for a particular cause, such as aiding a charity or political campaign. [2 definitions]
fund-raising the action or occupation of seeking donated funds for charitable groups, political candidates, and the like.
International Monetary Fund an agency of the United Nations that promotes the stabilization of the world's currencies and maintains a monetary pool from which member nations can draw.
money-market fund a mutual fund whose investments are of a short-term nature and consist of commercial paper or treasury bills, usu. giving a fairly high interest rate.
mutual fund a fund managed by an investment company that raises money from shareholders and invests it in stocks, bonds, options, and the like.
sinking fund a fund set aside to pay off the long-term debt of a state or corporation.
slush fund money raised for an undesignated purpose, as by office employees for miscellaneous expenses, or a fund that is used for illicit purposes, such as bribery. [2 definitions]
trust fund money or securities that are held in trust, as for a minor.