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give a wide berth to to stay out of the way of.
give away to surrender possession of or give as a gift. [4 definitions]
give birth (of a female human or animal) to deliver offspring into the world.
give in to agree to something you don't want to agree to, especially after a long argument.
give one's eyeteeth to give one's most valued possession, as for something that one greatly desires.
give rise to to lead to; cause.
give someone a hand to help (someone) with a particular task.
give someone the finger (slang) to express anger or contempt by extending the middle finger upward.
give someone the slip to elude; escape.
give the gate to reject.
give up to surrender; yield. [3 definitions]
give up the ghost to lose one's life; die.
give way to withdraw. [3 definitions]
give-and-take the act, process, or practice of compromising. [2 definitions]
not give (or care) a hoot (informal) to be entirely indifferent; not be at all concerned.