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cheval glass a full-length framed mirror mounted in such a way that it can be tilted or swiveled.
crown glass a very clear optical glass with low refraction. [2 definitions]
cut glass glass that is shaped or decorated by cutting, incising, or grinding.
Depression glass glassware mass-produced, molded, and usu. colored during the Depression of the 1930s, and now considered a collector's item.
field glass (usu. pl.) a compact, portable binocular telescope used esp. outdoors.
flint glass a bright fusible optical glass that contains lead oxide and is used for lenses and crystal.
glass blowing the art or process of shaping glass by blowing air through a tube that holds a mass of molten glass at one end.
glass snake any of several limbless lizards of the southern United States or of Europe and Asia, having a tail that snaps or breaks off easily.
glass wool fibers of spun glass that resemble wool and are used in insulation and air filters.
ground glass glass that diffuses light because its surface has been ground or etched. [2 definitions]
lead glass a brilliant optical glass containing lead oxide, characterized by high refraction and low dispersion; flint glass; crystal.
looking glass a mirror made of glass.
magnifying glass a lens that enlarges the image of objects seen through it.
milk glass white, opaque, or translucent glass.
object glass see "objective."
pier glass a tall mirror set in the section of wall between windows.
plate glass clear, ground, and polished glass in large sheets, used for mirrors and large windows.
safety glass glass made of two layers separated by a sheet of clear plastic or the like to prevent the glass from shattering into pieces.
shot glass a small glass used for drinking a small amount of liquor or for measuring a shot of liquor.
spun glass very thin fibers or threads of glass, used in a variety of products; fiberglass.