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a hard row to hoe a very difficult task or situation.
die-hard a person who stubbornly refuses to accept defeat or change, abandon a position, or the like. [2 definitions]
hard case one who is stubbornly unchanging or obstinate, as in clinging to destructive behavior patterns.
hard coal see anthracite.
hard disk a part inside of a computer for storing information.
hard drive a device usu. inside a computer that copies data to and from a computer's hard disk; hard disk drive.
hard drug any drug, such as heroin, that is addictive and causes long-term harmful effects.
hard goods manufactured products, such as appliances, machines, and automobiles, that last for many years; durable goods.
hard hat a protective helmet, made of metal or hard, impact-resistant plastic, worn by construction workers, miners, and the like.
hard labor compulsory physical labor imposed as part of a prison sentence.
hard maple the sugar maple.
hard palate the hard, bony part of the roof of the mouth. (Cf. soft palate.)
hard rock a style of rock music characterized by heavy amplification and harsh or distorted electric guitar.
hard rubber rubber made tough and inflexible by treating it with sulfur at a high heat, used for hair combs, insulation, and the like.
hard sauce a sweet, creamy mixture of butter, confectioner's sugar, and rum or brandy that is often served over plum puddings, steamed cakes, and the like.
hard sell an aggressive method or instance of selling or advertising; high-pressure salesmanship.
hard wheat wheat that has hard kernels containing a high amount of protein, used to make semolina and pasta; durum. (Cf. soft wheat.)
hard-bitten made tough or stubborn by hard experience.
hard-boiled of an egg, boiled in the shell until firm all the way through. (Cf. soft-boiled.) [2 definitions]
hard-core deeply committed or determined. [2 definitions]