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compound interest interest earned or paid on both the original principal and the accrued unpaid interest. (Cf. simple interest.)
conflict of interest a conflict or potential conflict between one of a person's interests or commitments and another, esp. between a public official's private financial interest and his or her public obligations.
interest group an organized group of individuals working together for a common cause, often formed to influence public policy or support the rights of a specific segment of the population.
interest rate the rate at which interest is paid. An interest rate is expressed as a percent.
self-interest one's own personal advantage or interest. [2 definitions]
short interest the total number of shares or units of a security, commodity, or the like, that have been sold short and have not been repurchased.
simple interest interest computed on principal only, rather than on accrued interest plus principal. (Cf. compound interest.)
vested interest in law, a right that cannot be eliminated, such as a right to a future benefit. [3 definitions]