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Irish coffee sweetened hot coffee flavored with Irish whiskey and topped with whipped cream.
Irish Gaelic the Gaelic language spoken in Ireland.
Irish moss a purplish-brown seaweed found along the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America; carrageen.
Irish potato the white potato, widely grown in Ireland.
Irish setter one of a breed of setters having a silky, auburn, long-haired coat.
Irish stew a stew of meat such as mutton or beef, with potatoes, onions, and a thick, brown gravy.
Irish terrier a large terrier with a thick, wiry, reddish brown coat.
Irish wolfhound a tall, slim, strong dog with a rough shaggy coat in shades ranging from white to mixtures of dark gray, and a head shaped like a terrier's.
Middle Irish the Irish language as it was spoken and written from the eleventh to the fifteenth century.
Old Irish the Irish language before the eleventh century.
Scotch-Irish of mixed Scottish and Irish ancestry. [2 definitions]