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gas jet a burner, pipe, or other apertured fitting at the end of a gas fixture. [2 definitions]
jet engine an engine that develops thrust by the backward expulsion of a jet of fluid or gaseous products of combustion, used esp. in aircraft.
jet lag a temporary disruption of biological rhythms as the result of traveling by jet airplane across several time zones.
jet propulsion propulsion of aircraft and some small ships that results from the high-velocity expulsion of compressed outside air and hot exhaust gases through a jet nozzle.
jet set a group of fashionable, wealthy people who reputedly travel by jet from one resort to another.
jet stream a high-velocity, generally westerly wind in the upper troposphere. [2 definitions]
jet-black of or pertaining to a dark, glossy, black color.
jet-propelled powered by a jet engine or engines. [2 definitions]
jumbo jet a large airplane capable of carrying a great number of passengers, used especially on flights that cross continents or oceans.