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à la king diced and cooked in a cream sauce with green peppers, pimentos, and mushrooms.
divine right of kings the doctrine that a monarch's right to rule comes directly from God, not from the people.
king cobra the largest of poisonous snakes, found in southeastern Asia; hamadryad.
king crab a large crab of North Pacific waters that is valued for its edible flesh; Alaskan king crab. [2 definitions]
king post in carpentry, a supporting vertical post between the apex of a triangular truss and the horizontal tie beam. (Cf. queen post.)
king salmon see chinook salmon.
king-size larger than the usual size. [2 definitions]
kingsnake any of several nonvenomous snakes of the New World that have yellow or red markings and feed mainly on rodents.
sea king any of the Viking pirate chiefs of medieval times.