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bowie knife a hunting knife about fifteen inches long that has a single-edged, pointed blade and a crosspiece and is usu. sheathed.
butter knife a small knife with a dull edge, used to cut, serve, or spread butter.
carving knife a long knife used to carve meat.
case knife a knife carried in a sheath or case. [2 definitions]
hunting knife a large sharp knife carried by hunters and used esp. to skin, gut, and cut up game.
palette knife a thin, flexible steel blade set in a handle and used by artists to mix colors or clean the palette.
paper knife a knife with a long dull blade that is used to open mail or separate the uncut pages of a book.
paring knife a small knife with a short blade used especially for peeling the skin of vegetables and fruits, and also for coring and other high-precision cutting tasks.
putty knife a tool with a broad, flexible blade for applying putty.
sheath knife a knife with a fixed blade that is carried in a sheath.
trench knife a knife used in hand-to-hand combat, having a short, double-edged blade.