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air letter an airmail letter. [2 definitions]
block letter a simple, hand-printed capital letter. [2 definitions]
capital letter a letter of the alphabet written or printed larger than and in a somewhat different form from its lower-case equivalent and used to designate a proper noun or initiate a sentence.
chain letter a letter with a message or money-making proposal that instructs the recipient to copy the letter and send it to others.
cover letter a letter of explanation enclosed with a document, package, or the like.
day letter in former times, a telegram sent during the day that was cheaper but slower than a regular telegram.
dead letter a letter that the post office is unable to deliver or return, usu. because of an incorrect address or the lack of a return address. [2 definitions]
dead-letter office a postal department to which undeliverable or unreturnable letters and parcels are sent to be opened, delivered if an address can be found, or destroyed.
form letter a business letter, solicitation, or the like, composed so that it may be sent to any number of people with only minor changes such as the salutation and date.
four-letter word any of several short English words that are considered offensive or obscene.
Greek-letter of, pertaining to, or designating a society, such as a fraternity or sorority, whose name consists of Greek letters.
letter carrier someone who delivers mail, usu. an employee of the postal service.
letter of credit a letter from a bank authorizing the bearer to withdraw specified sums of money, usu. from other banks, finance houses, or agencies, to be charged to the bank that issued the letter.
letter of marque formerly, a government document that authorized a ship captain to seize the ships of other nations.
letter opener a knifelike tool used to open sealed envelopes.
letter-perfect correct or accurate in every detail.
night letter a telegram sent overnight, at a lower rate than usual, for delivery the next day.
open letter a letter, usu. of protest or criticism, that is addressed to a specific individual or group but published in a newspaper or magazine to gain public attention.
red-letter significant, as a happy occasion; memorable.
scarlet letter formerly, a red letter "A" worn as a badge of shame by a convicted adulterer, as among U.S. Puritans.