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get lost to lose one's way. [2 definitions]
lose one's balance to become unstable or fall.
lose one's shirt (informal) to lose all that one owns.
lose one's touch to lose one's special ability to do something.
lose track of to lose the knowledge of where (someone or something) is, or to lose the ability to know about (someone or something).
lost and found an office or department in a public place where lost property is held until it is claimed or disposed of.
lost cause an undertaking or cause that has failed or is certain to fail.
lost in the shuffle disregarded, ignored, or misplaced in the general confusion.
lost property (chiefly British) personal items that have been lost by their owners in a public place and found by others. [2 definitions]
lost tribes the ten tribes of ancient Israel that were taken into captivity in Assyria and apparently never returned.
no love lost great dislike or animosity.