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black market the illegal purchase or sale of goods in violation of restrictions such as price controls or rationing, customs laws, or the like. [2 definitions]
black-market to buy or sell on the black market.
buyer's market a market or economy in which prices are relatively low because of an abundance of goods or services. (Cf. seller's market.)
farmers' market a public market at which farmers sell fresh produce directly to consumers, and which often includes other vendors who sell handcrafted products.
flea market a market, usu. outdoors, at which mostly secondhand goods are sold cheaply.
free market a market in which buying and selling is theoretically conducted without restriction. [2 definitions]
gray market a market operating outside of normal channels, as in imports or babies available for adoption.
market basket a selection of goods and services, esp. food, considered to represent a typical family's needs over a period of time, and used to calculate changes in the cost of living.
market order an order to purchase or sell, esp. stocks or other financial instruments, at the current market price.
market price the price for which a commodity, security, or piece of merchandise sells in a given market; prevailing price.
market value the value of a business, property, security, commodity, or piece of merchandise in terms of the estimated price for which it can be sold in a given market.
money market the trade in money or funds as they are borrowed or lent short-term by large agencies or the government.
money-market fund a mutual fund whose investments are of a short-term nature and consist of commercial paper or treasury bills, usu. giving a fairly high interest rate.
open market a market in which there are no official restrictions on prices or participation; free market.
price oneself out of the market to charge so much money for goods or services that one loses customers.
seller's market a market that favors the seller because goods or services are scarce and prices are high. (Cf. buyer's market.)
stock market a market where stocks and bonds are bought and sold; stock exchange. [3 definitions]