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one-sided advantageous to one side or position. [3 definitions]
one-step a ballroom dance that consists of an unbroken series of quick walking steps and is danced to ragtime music. [3 definitions]
one-time former. [2 definitions]
one-to-one matching or corresponding, as each element of one set with a specific element of another.
one-track concerned exclusively with one idea, topic, or the like. [2 definitions]
one-two in boxing, a sequence of two punches, such as a quick jab with the left fist followed immediately by a hard punch with the right.
one-up to surpass (someone) in order not to be bettered or lose face.
one-upmanship the method, practice, or habit of always trying to surpass or gain an advantage over others so as not to be bettered.
one-way proceeding in or restricting motion to a single direction. [3 definitions]
put all one's eggs in one basket to risk all one has on a single undertaking.
put one through one's paces to cause one to demonstrate skill or ability.
serve one right to be something that one deserves, esp. some type of punishment or unhappy result.
stare one in the face to be clearly obvious or impending.
sweep one off one's feet to overwhelm or conquer, esp. in courtship.
The Thousand and One Nights see "Arabian Nights."
twenty-one the card game of blackjack.
what makes one tick what motivates or directs one's behavior (often used as a question).