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past master a person who has a great deal of skill, expertise, or experience at some craft, art, or the like.
past participle a participle that either indicates a completed action or past state, such as "broken" in "I have broken my arm," or serves as an adjective, as "broken" in "a broken toy".
past perfect a verb tense that indicates that an action or state was completed at some indefinite time before a moment in the past, as in "They had already gone". [2 definitions]
past tense a form of a verb that shows that something happened in the past or that a condition existed in the past. In the sentence, "We baked a cake," "baked" is in the past tense.
put (something) past to consider (some behavior) to be beyond what some person or group would do; to not be surprised if a particular person or group did a certain thing (used in the negative only and typically with "would not").