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pay attention to direct your mind to something.
pay back to return what is owed or borrowed; repay.
pay dirt (informal) any source of wealth, money, or success. [2 definitions]
pay off to finish payments on (a debt). [2 definitions]
pay off a score to retaliate in response to a grievance or hurt.
pay phone a usu. coin-operated public telephone.
pay the piper to suffer the unpleasant consequences of former pleasure or irresponsibility. [2 definitions]
portal-to-portal pay a worker's wages computed from the moment of entering the workplace to the moment of leaving it.
severance pay an extra amount of money, usu. dependent on length of time employed, that is given to employees who lose their jobs through no fault of their own.
take-home pay the salary or wages left after all the various deductions, such as social security and taxes, have been made.